About Us

Solbright Infrastructure is a leading Solar PV systems installer in India. We specialize in design and installation of engineered solar systems for residential, commercial, government and power plant customers. Working with our team of architects, engineers, and electricians, we provide our customers a highly engineered turn-key solar solution for their specific need. We have implemented several projects ranging from 2 kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts. We provide a clean and abundant source of power with the highest quality of service and products. Making an investment in a solar energy system makes sense financially and environmentally.


  •  Ethics - Respect for mankind, the environment and nature.
  •  Responsibility - Responsibility for the environment and the satisfaction of customers.
  •  Humanity - Social and corporate commitments are always upheld.
  •  Excellence - Making extraordinary efforts to become an outstanding company.
  •  Honesty - Treating everyone with sincerity and integrity.               


We are specialists in renewable energy system design and have the expertise to identify key technologies to provide the solution best suited to your specific needs. We hold extensive discussions with technology providers and are abreast with the latest developments in these fields and take the best available technology and combine it into a system tailored to the end user.

The electricity grid in India is unreliable and inaccessible.450 Million Indians have no access to electricity and almost 80,000 villages are not connected to the grid. Solar PV technology is very competitive against fossil fuel based alternatives.The key is to keep technology simple yet robust, generate power and services, and provide it to consumers who have no access to any of the amenities of modern life.

People and governments are trying to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and we know how to address this need. We understand the Indian market and the Indian consumer. Our country which is blessed with abundant sunshine year round can address this shortage and create amazing growth and opportunity and Solbright Infrastructure will be there guiding the way.

Design & Installation

Solbright Infrastructure is a highly experienced designer and installer of solar PV systems for both residential and commercial customers in INDIA, having highly professional experienced Engineers for designing PV systems. The process should be followed by our professional experienced Engineers throughout the installation process.

Maintenance & Management

Solbright Infrastructure maintenance of the Solar PV plant throughout the installation process and give one year warrantee for all the products. The maintenance should take care under the specified Engineers and Technician. The maintenance strategy has been to reduce the maintenance cost as much as possible without thinking of the consequences.


Solbright Infrastructure helps the customers who want solar power but having no idea regarding professional and technical field in solar systems. Our company goes through customer requirements and suggest them best solution for their problem. This includes formulating effective strategies, developing viable business models and identifying specific, actionable business opportunities.